about me

director - cameraman - editor


Shooting is about two things: the reality in front of you and your level of energy. Every frame requires attention, feeling and a dance with the camera. It's my passion and my job.


Next come the mind and the brain. Defining the situation, understanding the key elements and their relationship to each other. Every new project demands different skills and approaches: public relations, scripting, directing, shooting, editing, color grading, publishing, promoting. Sometimes all together. Before going to film school, I studied sociology and anthropology at masters level. It opened my eyes to behavior and still influences every day my work in the media world.


I pay a critical attention to the language of the image. I've been really lucky to start my professional life with splendid and affordable digital cinema cameras: Red, Arri, Blackmagic. I love them and travel with them in the search for cinematic emotions.